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    Project conception & development

    • Site identification and selection
    • Renewable energy feasibility studies
    • Resource assessment and energy yield prediction
      • Solar resource assessment
      • 10-80 m meteorological mast installation service for wind assessment
      • Biomass fuel supply evaluation
    • Project sizing and design optimization, for example:
      • Solar park layout design
      • Wind farm layout design
      • Islanded hybrid system optimization
      • Industrial biomass system design
    • Data acquisition and analysis
    • Technology assessments and expert reports
    • Pre-contract documentation, specifications and negotiations
    • Estimations for the necessity of Ecological Assesment (EA)
    • Estimations for the necessity of Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA)
    • Environmental Compatibility Assessment (ECA)
    • Ecological Assesment (EA)
    • Environmental impact assessments