Ilko Iliev (49) is the Founder and Manager of Inea Consulting Ltd. He is responsible for all management and project activities of the company at the national and international levels. Ilko has more than 15 years of investment and business consulting experience in renewable energy, ecology, environmental protection, commercial real estate, etc. He has done several renewable energy project concepts, business plans and feasibility studies for local and international companies and local municipalities. Ilko furthermore has done “ready-to-go” solar energy and wind energy projects for local and international customers. Besides the management of Inea Consulting Ltd, he is a member of the consulting committee of Prime Innovations Ltd, a founding member of the European Competent Forum – NGO, a Member of the Advisory Board of East European Energy Systems Plc, etc. Ilko Iliev holds M.Sc. in Construction Management at Varna University of Economics, Bulgaria having specialized in sustainable energy and business psychology.

Zdravko Dimitrov (52) is Senior Project Engineer at Inea Consulting Ltd. He manages all processes related to technical surveys and feasibility studies for solar and wind generation projects, technical management for the development of solar and wind projects. Before joining Inea Consulting, Zdravko has been for 2 years maintenance&technical manager of Mall Varna, Ship’s electrical engineer at Bulgarian Navigation Maritime for 3 years and service electrical engineer at Westdeutsche Algemeine Zeitung – Varna, Bulgaria for 4 years. He is experienced to work both with low voltage and high voltage electrical systems. Zdravko Dimitrov holds M.Sc. in Electronics and Automation from Technical University in Varna, Bulgaria and a Postgraduate Diploma in Electrical engineering in Water Transport.

Mihail Mihaylov (41) is Investment Manager of Inea Consulting Ltd. He manages the investment and financial activities of the company. Mihail is responsible for investments related documents and contracts management and exchange, public-private partnerships strategy and development, relations with public authorities and tenders participation. Before joining Inea Consulting, he was for 4 years head of the economic analysis department at Varchev Finance Investment Funds, and for 9 senior investment advisor of MDM Partners Investment Boutique Ltd. Mihail Mihailov holds M.Sc. in Management at Varna University of Economics, Bulgaria having specialized in risk analysis, portfolio management, project management and EU funding programs.

Georgi Hristoskov (47) is an Investment Banking external partner of Inea Consulting Ltd. He is responsible for structured project finance for renewable energy projects.  Georgi has 14 years of banking experience with 2 of the leading international banks ING and BNP Paribas. He has been a Senior Banker in Energy and Commodity sector at BNP Paribas and Head of Customer Service with ING Bank. Georgi holds M.Sc. in International Economic Relations from the University of National and World Economics in Sofia, Bulgaria having specialization in energy project finance, export finance, commodity trading debt, etc.

Angel Petrov (33) is a Senior Research Analyst at Inea Consulting Ltd. He is engaged with research and marketing processes, sourcing of information & networking.  Angel is analyzing data from multiple sources of information and elaborates market development scenarios and forecasts about renewable energy sectors of CEE & SEE countries, CIS countries and other emerging markets. He participates in the elaboration and publication process of Inea Consulting’s renewable energy market reports and outlooks. Angel finished High School of Foreign Languages in Varna, Bulgaria and currently and holds B.Sc. at Hague University, Netherlands, with a major in Marketing & Business Administration.

Arjan Visser (51) is Senior Strategy Advisor of Inea Consulting Ltd. He is an associate of our firm, which supports our decision-making process regarding the management and execution of various renewable projects. Arjan is a former manager of Ecofys International B.V. for Bulgaria. He holds MSc. in Technical Physics from Eindhoven University and BSc. from Delft Institute of Technology, Netherlands and has various specializations & assignments in ecology, renewable energy & sustainable growth.

Atanas Filchev (67) is a Grid Connection Expert at Inea Consulting Ltd. He is responsible for all aspects of investigation for grid-connection opportunities and their cost analysis for renewable energy projects. Atanas has spent 32 years in senior and managerial positions with NEK (Bulgarian National Electrical Company). He has been consequently investment control officer, high voltage substations manager, grid-connection manager, etc. Atanas holds a diploma in electrical mechanics from the Varna School of Electrical Studies.