Here you will find list with some of our most valuable partners:

Solar Plaza

Solarplaza organizes international high-level conferences and exploratory trade missions in both established and emerging markets across the globe. With a track-record spanning five continents, twenty-two countries, thirty-one cities and a total of over sixty events Solarplaza is a pioneering industry inspirer.
The company’s home base,, is an independent platform for knowledge, insights and networking, supported by the (free) daily solar industry newsletter, SUN .


ECOWEB provides up-to-date information on thousands of European eco-innovations, including technologies, applications, products, processes and other solutions. The free online platform aims to link enterprises, in particular SMEs, and eco-innovations to increase the uptake of EU-funded R&D research. Visit ECOWEB to find the right piece to your eco-innovation ideas.

Penkov, Markov & Partners

Penkov, Markov & Partners is one of the leading law firms providing the highest quality legal advice and representation to clients in the Republic of Bulgaria. They have considerable amount of exprerience in renewable energy law, M&A, due diligence, etc.

E.E.L. Events Ltd.

The company's events are designed to feature the sharpest minds in the corporate, government and academic worlds, delivering the kind of business acuity that attendees can translate into bottom-line success. Designed for those international players who prefer dynamic, more structured programmes these events centre on networking opportunities, allowing effective exchanges of ideas. As a result of our focused approach, the audience can more carefully examine a variety of topics tailored to facilitate new alliances and business ventures. Whether you are a small player or a market leader their events provide cutting-edge intelligence on emerging markets in Europe, including Energy, Renewable Energy, Cleantech, PPP, Investment and Project Financing, Banking, Transport and Infrastructure, Real Estate and Telecoms.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co, Inc.

Hyundai is world leader in production and delivery of electrical equipment, solar pohotovoltaic modules and wind turbines.With its skilled sales and engineering team, the company is able to deliver the best customer oriented solutions for every project.

Sustainable Energy Concepts Gmbh

Sustainable Energy Concepts develops concepts and solutions in different areas of sustainability and accompanies the implementation and execution of its projects.

McGregor & Partners

McGregor & Partners S.C.A. is a full-service law firm with offices in Bucharest, Romania and in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has quilified team with lawyers experienced in renewabel energy deals and transactions.

and many more ………